You can contribute code, documentation, issues, examples, etc. If you want to contribute something, feel free to message someone. Otherwise, please follow the code or documentation contribution guidelines. Also see Terms and Conditions.

If you any other questions feel free to contact us at

How to Contribute Code

Create your own fork of the repository, modify the code, check that it passes all tests, commit to git while following the commit message guidelines, and then submit a pull request. The pull request should either relate to an issue or should describe why the code changes should be added. Or if you prefer sending patches over email, feel free to send them to the appropriate maintainers.

How to Contribute to the Docs

We use reStructuredText format in our docs, feel free to add changes.

You can submit said changes by submitting a pull request to our GitHub repository at Or if you prefer sending patches over email, feel free to send them to the appropriate maintainers.

Commit Message Guidelines

  1. Sign your commits, either by adding a -s to your commit command for git to do it for you, or by hand

  2. Add the path to the affected file/location separated by β€˜: β€˜ in the commit title before the actual commit title

  3. There should be a message body as well as a title.

  4. Try to keep commits small if possible.

A good commit message should look like this:

location: of: the: files: Reason for changes in the file(s)

The body of commit message is a few lines of text, explaining things
in more detail, possibly giving some background about the issue
being fixed, etc etc.

The body can be several paragraphs, but please do proper word-wrap
and keep columns shorter than about 74 characters or so. That way
"git log" will show things nicely even when it's indented.

Signed-off-by: Your Name <>

Terms and Conditions

By contributing you agree that:

  • The information you added is publicly available (and is not part of any confidential document).

  • The information you added was obtained legally.

  • The information you added is factually accurate.


By contributing you agree to Terms and Conditions.

By uploading a photo, video, or a media file of a different type, you agree to share them under one of the Creative Commons Licenses.

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